A journey of a resident interacts in Hong Kong.

  • Chapter 1: Space
  • Chapter 2: Alienation
  • Chapter 3: Disappearance~Lost
  • Chapter 4: Dissociation
  • Chapter 5: Unbridled
  • Chapter 6: Silence
  • Chapter 7: Life

Hong Kong is a metropolis, international financial centre and also a world's 8th largest trading economy. History starts from a fishing village, once British colony to today's Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Population is approximately 7.32 million in 2015, population density: 6650 people per square kilometer, crude birth rate: 8.2 per 1000. This fast pace and densely populated city is now facing a lot of challenges.

Serious gap between rich and poor, unprecedented demographic changes (population ageing, changing family structures and migration), unreliable livelihood security, and long working hours (For full-time employees, average 49.0 hours per week, according to 2012's Hong Kong Government report), huge ecological deficit and pollution......that hugely impacts the life of resident in terms of physically and mentally.

One of the most serious challenges is housing problem, its unlimited inflation (price, real estate/property market) like an arrogant balloon as the costs continue to skyrocket, the disconnect between the income growth of people and housing price. In recent years, Hong Kong's residential rents ranked top 5 positions among all cities in the world. The average rent of shops in Hong Kong has surpassed New York, become the most expensive retail rent globally. Nowadays, as if "HOUSE KIDNAPS LIFE". Extremely non-diverse social and economic development reflects this surreal metropolis just like a hollowly busy hub in unbalance.

Changing era, civilians are adaptable and flexible though work to make ends meet, showing the energy of life interacted with the world.

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  • 第一章:空間
  • 第二章:疏離
  • 第三章:消 · 失 · 去
  • 第四章:幻離
  • 第五章:放浪
  • 第六章:靜
  • 第七章:生活